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A weekly toolkit to help you 

This situation is new for all of us, and we know that it can feel overwhelming trying to establish a new routine, keeping your business running and ensuring the wellbeing of your employees.

That's why each week we'll provide you with an ebook toolkit with information, advice, guidance and links to resources to help support you and your employees in different aspects of your life and business.


Upcoming topics include:


✔️ Financial and wealth planning

✔️ Mental and physical health and wellbeing

✔️ Coaching from a Positive Mindset Expert

✔️ How to work from home succesfully and top tips from a Work Sanctuary Expert

✔️ How to manage any animosity between furloughed and work from home staff

✔️ Training and development opportunities for your employees

✔️ How to review your business plan and make adjustments

✔️ Your business strategy for 2020, how this has changed and how to start a recuperation plan.

✔️ Updating policy and procedures


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Let us support you in looking after your employees during Covid-19. 

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